segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

The game you wanna play is the game you should make!

What I mean to say is, if you're an indie game designer, you should design the game experience you enjoy!
Design games in your favorite style or games you really wish you could play!
Does that mean it'll be extremely popular? Maybe. If you like something really mainstream, like first person shooters or something, then yes!
But if you like rabbit political fighting games you probably won't get a very good audience for a game like that. But that's not the point!

The real point is threefold!

The first one is: if you're making the game experience you want to make, you'll be happier making it. If you find pleasure in what you do, you'll have a higher probability of actually getting the game finished. Unfinished games are a plague in the indie game industry and you should fight it in anyway you can!

The second one: if you're making the game you really enjoy, you'll be more in sync with the needs of the gamer, since you'll have the experiences from playing those games, and you'll be able to find flaws more easily in the design of the game, so you'l be able to make the whole experience much better! You'll be able to create the features that the players that enjoy that type of game really want, since you're one of them. Who are those players that enjoy this one type of game...? That brings us in to the third point.

The third one: normally, the players that play indie games are looking for an experience they can't find in the regular game industry, so they'll have peculiar tastes. They are a combination of niche markets that you want to reach out for! And how do you know if that niche market exists for your game? Well, if you like that style of game, then you are already a niche market! And if you make a game that you really wanna play other people may want that same game you always wanted! No matter how weird your idea is, it most likely has a niche market somewhere that you should reach out for, instead of making one more generic platformer game.

Those are my three points for why you should design the games you wish you could play: Motivation, Quality and Niche Market.

I, myself, really enjoy story-oriented games, so the games I make tend to focus a lot of them, and I center the story in the qualities I really like. I might return to this later!

The most important thing is to keep on making them! But if you enjoy it, it's much better, right?

Hugs, readers!

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