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Make a Game - Beginning!

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This is the Make a Game series, in which I'll go through the entire process of making a game. My engine of choice will be the libGDX. This is me preparing for Ludum Dare of December, so if you follow this, you'll be prepared too! :)

And what is Ludum Dare and why should I care?

Why libGDX? 

  1. It's free
  2. It's Java
  3. It allows me to write a game and get the result in both "pure" Java and Android
So while it's true you won't get any money from the Ludum Dare itself, we'll be looking at ways to make some money with our game :)

Setting up libGDX

First and foremost, you need to setup a project with the engine, and this link below will guide you through it:
Setting up a project with libGDX

Just skip the steps about Android setup if you do not want to work with that right now. It's best to learn how to setup the project by yourself, but I might post a project already all setup for you to jump straight in to development. Kinda.

I can't setup libGDX...
You could download an project already cofigured and go from there!
Try to download one of the open source demos:
libGDX repository Demo projects
You're gonna need a subversion tool, though...
like Tortoisesvn

Play around with libGDX
While I don't get around to writing the rest of the series, why not take a look at some of the tutorials about drawing images?
Drawing images with libGDX

Our next step
We'll start defining what kind of game we're going to make, so we'll take a step back in programming and take a step in design. 

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