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Ludum Dare and Make A Game series!

What is Ludum Dare?
Ludum Dare is an indie game competition. The rules are simple: make a game, by yourself, within 48 hours, with a given theme!
The prize: a great experience!

Well, yes, there are no cash or other types of prizes, except for your own game. And the knowledge that comes with making it.

Ludum Dare: rapid indeed!
You can read more about the rules and Ludum Dare heere:
The Rules of Ludum Dare

"Can I really make a game in two days?!"
Yes, we can!

I'm going to be entering in my first Ludum Dare this December(from 16th to 19th), and I'm really looking forward to it!

But I need to do some preparing, I need to know more about the engine I'll be using then... The libGDX!
So I've started the "Make a Game" series, in which I'll show the entire process of making a game in libGDX, with open sources codes and exploring various aspects of the entire game design process!

Watch the progress here:
Make a Game Series - Beginning!

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