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LeadBolt - Android Games Monetizing

So as of late I've started trying to monetize some games and applications.

I like to keep two things at heart when monetizing a game:
  1. Avoid damage to the game experience
  2. Avoid making people angry

Banner advertising - I don't like it

Google has a service called AdMob, as you probably have heard if you read anything about the subject. I like to stay away from AdMob. They are basically little banners you put in your app and you get money for clicks or impressions. You really need a LOT of traffic to get significant revenue. And, to me, they feel kinda cheap. You're tarnishing the game experience for so little gain, since they actually rely on being "in-screen". I think they should be avoided.

Content Unlockers - I like those

So I've started using LeadBolt. LeadBolt has ads similar to AdMob, but I don't use those types of ads. What I use are content unlockers. That stuff is cool because you're basically making some of your content "premium". It works like this: the player has to complete a task in order to complete the ad, and then the game continues. Or you could give a reward if the player completes the ad. Click here to see how LeadBolt Unlockers work!

LeadBolt, my favorite ad network so far!

It's kinda like paid content, but the player doesn't waste any money. But you get paid. So that's great. Once I get some numbers to show on this, I'll show it.

LeadBolt also has notification ads...

Notifications - Evil

Notifications ads are evil. Basically, notifications appear on the user's phone even after the game or application is closed. They don't tarnish the game experience. They generate great revenue.

But they make people angry. People really hate those, seriously. I don't really wanna be hated nor do I wanna cause headaches to people in order to try and earn money. Anyways, they are available through LeadBolt, but I don't use it. You shouldn't, either.

Air Push is another ad service that supports those notification types. Avoid them.

And what else?
If you wanna use LeadBolt too, you should sign in through here! That way I get a bonus when you sign up, why would you not want to help me, right?
Another service that has caught my interest is TapJoy, it has a virtual currency kinda system to it, I'll check it out better when I have time.

Two other great blogs on monetizing with the Android Market areeee:
Making Money With Android! - A really cool guy, who gives a lot of helpful feedback on his monetizing journeys. Many graphics and data for you to crunch, also a good forum.
Trilena Games -  Two girls that are growing in the Android business. They are what got me in to LeadBolt, they also have great data and are really nice girls that are just so helpful. Definitely pay their blog a visit and check their applications out!

Well, peace. Have a merry Christmas, you all!

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  1. Try out some of the other content lockers too. You may see better results. Adscend Media has an API that you can use for things such as games. (http://adscendmedia.com)

  2. So how is LeadBolt going? Can you give me a number, for example you had 100 downloads and you make 1$/day, or you had 500 downlaods of the app in a month, and in that month you had made about 50$. Don't know.

  3. I have around 60000 total downloads and I make 170 dolars a month, more or less.