sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2011

Ludum Dare - Report 2

So I've advanced in the main gameplay of things. My game is still quite simple.

So I was looking for some songs to use in the game... Then I found out I couldn't actually use any of those, I had to make my own. Make my own songs, damn. I tried the mic, tried programs... But I guess my game'll have no songs. Oh well.

Looks weird? I think so too.

So I decided to make a game where the lonely kid has to shot his own thoughts, since that's what I associate to being alone: thoughts.

Everyone is pulling off these cool, crazy games, with interesting mechanics, I'm starting to think my game may be way too simple. Oh well. Tough luck, huh? This is my first Ludum Dare...

There's still more to do! :D

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