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Ludum Dare - Report 3

So the competition itself ended. It was a new experience, it was pretty cool to make a game in a day(I didn't use the 48 hours), I implemented everything I wanted(although not as much as my first ideas).

The game isn't all that pretty, but I guess it fits in to Ludum Dare!

Here is my entry, in case you wanna check it out:

My Ludum Dare entry!

One of the things that made me sad is the lack of music. I can't make it myself and it's against the rules to use other's songs. Oh well.

There's an impressive amount of over 750 games! That's so cool!
Now I'll proceed to rate some games and I'll post about anything that catches my eye!


Lonely Island: a game heavy on atmosphere, good use of Unity, good, fitting, graphics. Sad story. I like it.
Quiet Player: this game has good graphics and sound, it's also well done, pretty well constructed, with a clear goal, beginning and end.
Lonely Robot: amazing gameplay features for the given time, it feels like a quite complete platforming game, although the camera is bad. Good graphics and sound too! Solid.

I've rated through 8 games, there's much more to come!

Alone: witty and creative gameplay. kinda cool. Bad theme fitting, though.
Copy Killer: Best game so far, amazing gameplay, good graphics, interesting puzzles. Lack of sound though, still great! Great take on the theme too! Got the first five stars for theme!
Ending Messages Suck: simple game mechanic but good enough. Charming puzzle-like!

I've gone through around 20, 25 games by now! Tuesday's games wore better than monday's...

Copy Killer is really great! Give it a whirl!

Abandoned: awesome graphics and concepts, good gameplay, good representation of the theme. One of the best!
Alone in the Mansion: good game, maybe a little bit short, nothing groundbreaking, but it does it's job.
Drink Alone: innovative, interesting take, but not too good on the theme. Everything is good, too.
Dungeons of Solitude: solid Zelda-ish entry. Not innovative, nothing big on the theme, but great game with awesome pixel art graphic!
Final Trip Soccer: innovative, good take on the theme, great graphics, one of the best. The gameplay mechanic is slightly broken, though.

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